At Eroğlu Döner GmbH & Co. KG you can count on the most qualitative kind of meat that is specialised according to your wishes. We offer you several kinds of doner in order to entirely fulfil your wishes and thus, also the wishes of your customers. With our modern production methods, fast delivery and our customer-friendly service, our customers are always being satisfied.

Our doner varieties
As Eroğlu Döner GmbH & Co. KG, we currently offer 9 different kinds of doner which are featured in the following list:

  1. Doner kebab of veal(60% mincemeat, 40% meat (Yaprak)), deep-frozen
  2. Doner kebab Kiyma of veal, deep-frozen
  3. Revolving meat spit of chicken & turkey, deep-frozen
  4. Revolving meat spit of chicken, deep-frozen
  5. Revolving meat spit of veal & turkey, deep-frozen
  6. Revolving meat spit of veal (Yaprak), deep-frozen
  7. Revolving meat spit of turkey, deep-frozen
  8. Revolving mincemeat spit of veal & turkey, deep-frozen
  9. Revolving mincemeat spit of veal, deep-frozen

Furthermore, we naturally offer you doner machines and doner knives so that you can always work with the highest quality products.

We wish you much success with your business and your customers Bon Appétit!