Our Standards

Eroğlu Döner GmbH & Co. KG Quality
Our name is the expression of the most qualitative goods produced under production conditions complying with the highest quality and hygiene standards in our industry. Not only in the selection of our suppliers but also in the selection of our ingredients and in the production, we ensure with our modern production processes the production of the best doner kebab varieties.

We control every production step very precisely and store and pack our goods according to the quality standards of our industry. The tracing of the individual production steps of our goods guarantees the most optimal production conditions. We observe these standards also during the delivery which result in the most qualitative doner kebab for our customers.

We have the quality and hygiene of our goods periodically checked by several awarding institutions and sanitary laboratories. So, our customers can always be sure that our production conditions really do comply with our philosophy of the most qualitative goods.

You can find some of our awards and quality / hygiene reports under the respective menu item on our website.